Thursday, August 9, 2018

The Stars Whisper

On the first Monday of the month I have the honor of having Michele Avanti on my radio show, Night-Light.  On these shows we take callers and Michele creates their charts and in just a few minutes and is able to give them advice and insight into their lives and future.  Michele works her magic with the planets and the stars as she creates these charts and looks into the caller’s future.  Always magic happens as she shares her amazing talents and insights with all of us.  There is always something new to learn and awareness into new aspects of the human condition.  Even if you don’t call in, there is always something that will touch you and open new philosophies to your life.  She believes that Astrology give pictures, it the state of consciousness of the people that choose which of these pictures will manifest. Our thoughts right now are activating manifestation at a faster rate than ever before, so we need to be conscious of all our thoughts and the words we speak.

Michele Avanti is a published certified planetary systems analyst, consulting metaphysician and ordained minister.  She has taught and counseled in metaphysics since 1972 and has been a professional astrologer since 1990.

she is also the award-winning author of young adult visionary fiction, GreeHee The Journey of Five. It is the story of an adolescent dragon and his unusual friend, fairy Loni. It has won three awards including two Visionary Fiction awards.  It is not just a fantasy about a dragon, but it is also metaphysics 101

To say the very least she is multi-talented, please visit her website to see her amazing art work and view more of her creative talents… you won’t be disappointed.

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