Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Be aware of August 11th

August 11th book mark

August 11th is an eclipse... this one is different.  You know I'm not an astrologer so there isn't going to be any astro-talk here, but this is a special one that only occurs every 19 years.  Because of the alinement's (don't ask me what they are, just take my word for it), this one is very important.  It begins another 19 year cycle for all of us so it is a great time to Write down our intentions and hopes for the next cycle.  Life is changing( we all recognize that) but this is a time when we can sort of put in our intentions, our shopping lists so to speak and the energy will help us (note help us not give us) to achieve the desired outcomes.  I would recommend that you lean more in the spiritual directions for the best results but it is your future so  blaze your own pathway.

Just a brief work about blaze your own path.  We are intended to do just that.  To try to walk another's pathway will not get you to where you belong.  We were intended to find our own way not follow another, we were meant to forge our own path way for only then can we find the destiny that was outlined for us before incarnation.  Even though it is harder it has greater rewards in the long run.  Being unique is a good thing and the more different you are the the more unique your experiences and the better fit you will find in the designed just especially for you ... much better than going for something off the rack that makes everyone the same.  

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