Monday, August 20, 2018

Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic

Robert L. Snow served for 38 years at the Indianapolis Police Department, retiring in 2007 with the rank of captain. While at the police department he served in such capacities as Police Department Executive Officer, Captain of Detectives, and Commander of the Homicide Branch.

Robert has also been a publishing writer for over 30 years. He has had over 100 articles and short stories published in such magazines as Playboy, Reader's Digest, the National Enquirer, The Writer, Police, The Saint Detective Magazine, and others. In addition, he has had eighteen books published. Almost all of Captain Snow's published works were written so that readers could use his knowledge of law enforcement to better protect themselves and their loved ones.

A veteran police detective, Robert was devoted to evidence and hard facts—he had never given any thought to reincarnation. But during a hypnotic regression, he experiences a vivid awareness of being alive in three separate historical scenes. Remaining skeptical, Snow begins to investigate with the intention of disproving reincarnation. Instead, diligent research and corroboration from multiple sources reveal solid evidence that he lived a former life as Carroll Beckwith, a nineteenth-century American artist. Portrait of a Past Life Skeptic tells the fascinating story of Robert Snow’s transformation from skeptic to believer.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

There's a Disturbance in the Force

     To coin a familiar phrase, “there’s a disturbance in the force.”  The energies are building for a release of some sort and everyone will be feeling, in one way or another, that change is in the air and there is going to be a major shift in everything.  Cracks are beginning to show in many areas that are unexpected and all of us are going through interior shifts of consciousness and awareness.  We are coming up on the beginning of autumn and with that shift there will be upheavals in unexpected areas.  Our lives will all take on new directions and change will open new portals and dimensions to explore and embrace.

     The remainder of August will increase tensions in all and tempers may flare at unexpected times.  Change isn't always easy, but it is always a good thing and many of us will feel it is time to grow up in new directions.  There is an age of innocence that is passing into time and reality takes on a new appearance.  It will be a time of new balance and new insight and many may find that their careers take on new directions that are unexpected yet very exciting.  Those who try to hold onto the past will find they are left in the dust until they decide to catch up to the rest.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Awakening From the 3D World: How we Enter the Next Life

     Author Frank DeMarco was co-founder and for many years chief editor of Hampton Roads Publishing Company, Inc.  Since 1992 he has been a participant in 10 TMI programs.  He is the author of two novels plus seven books stemming from 25 years of psychic exploration.  Since 2005, he has been actively engaged in an on-going series of conversations with various non-physical beings, including historical individuals, "past lives," aspects of personal guidance, and a generalized group he calls, "the guys upstairs."  This work has been discussed in four books, hundreds of blog entries, occasional public appearances, Facebook and now Night-Light.

     Frank is a sincere and knowledgeable individual who shares his life's experiences and discoveries with an open and honest perception.  His humor and intellect are interwoven in all of his material and he approaches a delicate subject with respect and curiosity.  He is also very secure within his range of wisdom and not reluctant to honestly say he, "doesn't know," if that is the case.  Frank is a wonderful source of insight and and information.  A man still in search  of answers and willing to share his perceptions with those who take the time to listen and search as well.  His message of,"Everyone can do what I do," is a refreshing and welcome insight for all who are ready to open to the gifts within us all. 

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Embrace your challenges

Embrace our challenges, at least thats what we're told.  They are our greatest teachers,they say.  So, today I have decided to do just that.  Those of you who know me know that summer is hard for me because of allergies and pollen.  Today I embrace my allergies and the pollen.  After all, if it were not for the pollen the flowers wouldn't bloom and the fruit would not form.  It just stands to reason that nature is trying to teach me something about growth and blossoming, perhaps I'm on the way to a transformation of some sort and I have been fighting it... Who Knows.  So I embrace all of the allergies and the beloved pollen,  I welcome them in with all of the wisdom they carry along with the spiritual wisdom and enlightened insight ... 

has anyone seen my Kleenex?

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Symbols and Signs From Spirit

Symbols and Signs from Spirit

          We are constantly being bombarded by symbols and signs from spirit, we call them coincidences, assuming that they are just randomly occurring situations or occurrences.  In reality the spirit within is always trying to help us, to give us insight or inspiration, guidance and encouragement and we frequently ignore them or dismiss them as flukes. We all have the tools and gifts inside to not only notice but interpret these signals but often are too caught up on the day to day physical reality that we don’t take the time to acknowledge and validate that the message has been received.

          Recognizing these spiritual moments is just the beginning and the first step to a process of creating a bridge of consciousness and connection to the spirit within.  The recognition isn’t enough, it is a conscious identification but remains in the ether and floats within having no way to influence or manifest.  To record these symbols and “coincidences” in some way in the physical, imprints them into this reality and sends a very different signal to the spirit within.  But even that is not enough.  Then we take the information in, incorporate it into the totality of who and what we are, make it our own and then change our behavior and perspective in order to manifest it into our reality.  These messages, in a multitude of different levels can then be applied to our lives and give us a deeper understanding of the journey’s we are on. 

          Symbols, coincidences, visions and/or dreams are just some of the ways that the spirit within gives us hints as to direction and understanding of this life as we know it.  There is always a need for balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of life, and in these times often we put more attention into the physical and miss the intuitive and inspirational messages that spirit is always trying to share with us.  If you record in writing you send a message that in many ways links the spirit to the physical.  It is also very, repeat very important, to remember that however simple you think the message is they are always multileveled.  We need to go deeper into every message for the deeper we go the more profound the message and the greater the awareness that is revealed.  No matter how simple you think the message is there are always deeper meanings if you take the time to work with them.

          The more you work with these messages and symbols the more you learn about yourself and your journey and the greater the richness you bring into your reality.

The Stars Whisper

On the first Monday of the month I have the honor of having Michele Avanti on my radio show, Night-Light.  On these shows we take callers and Michele creates their charts and in just a few minutes and is able to give them advice and insight into their lives and future.  Michele works her magic with the planets and the stars as she creates these charts and looks into the caller’s future.  Always magic happens as she shares her amazing talents and insights with all of us.  There is always something new to learn and awareness into new aspects of the human condition.  Even if you don’t call in, there is always something that will touch you and open new philosophies to your life.  She believes that Astrology give pictures, it the state of consciousness of the people that choose which of these pictures will manifest. Our thoughts right now are activating manifestation at a faster rate than ever before, so we need to be conscious of all our thoughts and the words we speak.

Michele Avanti is a published certified planetary systems analyst, consulting metaphysician and ordained minister.  She has taught and counseled in metaphysics since 1972 and has been a professional astrologer since 1990.

she is also the award-winning author of young adult visionary fiction, GreeHee The Journey of Five. It is the story of an adolescent dragon and his unusual friend, fairy Loni. It has won three awards including two Visionary Fiction awards.  It is not just a fantasy about a dragon, but it is also metaphysics 101

To say the very least she is multi-talented, please visit her website to see her amazing art work and view more of her creative talents… you won’t be disappointed.

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Be aware of August 11th

August 11th book mark

August 11th is an eclipse... this one is different.  You know I'm not an astrologer so there isn't going to be any astro-talk here, but this is a special one that only occurs every 19 years.  Because of the alinement's (don't ask me what they are, just take my word for it), this one is very important.  It begins another 19 year cycle for all of us so it is a great time to Write down our intentions and hopes for the next cycle.  Life is changing( we all recognize that) but this is a time when we can sort of put in our intentions, our shopping lists so to speak and the energy will help us (note help us not give us) to achieve the desired outcomes.  I would recommend that you lean more in the spiritual directions for the best results but it is your future so  blaze your own pathway.

Just a brief work about blaze your own path.  We are intended to do just that.  To try to walk another's pathway will not get you to where you belong.  We were intended to find our own way not follow another, we were meant to forge our own path way for only then can we find the destiny that was outlined for us before incarnation.  Even though it is harder it has greater rewards in the long run.  Being unique is a good thing and the more different you are the the more unique your experiences and the better fit you will find in the designed just especially for you ... much better than going for something off the rack that makes everyone the same.