Saturday, August 11, 2018

Embrace your challenges

Embrace our challenges, at least thats what we're told.  They are our greatest teachers,they say.  So, today I have decided to do just that.  Those of you who know me know that summer is hard for me because of allergies and pollen.  Today I embrace my allergies and the pollen.  After all, if it were not for the pollen the flowers wouldn't bloom and the fruit would not form.  It just stands to reason that nature is trying to teach me something about growth and blossoming, perhaps I'm on the way to a transformation of some sort and I have been fighting it... Who Knows.  So I embrace all of the allergies and the beloved pollen,  I welcome them in with all of the wisdom they carry along with the spiritual wisdom and enlightened insight ... 

has anyone seen my Kleenex?


  1. Embracing what we seek to hide from makes sense as we can better use the energy dealing with the other options of life , tissues on the way Barbara !!