Thursday, August 9, 2018

Symbols and Signs From Spirit

Symbols and Signs from Spirit

          We are constantly being bombarded by symbols and signs from spirit, we call them coincidences, assuming that they are just randomly occurring situations or occurrences.  In reality the spirit within is always trying to help us, to give us insight or inspiration, guidance and encouragement and we frequently ignore them or dismiss them as flukes. We all have the tools and gifts inside to not only notice but interpret these signals but often are too caught up on the day to day physical reality that we don’t take the time to acknowledge and validate that the message has been received.

          Recognizing these spiritual moments is just the beginning and the first step to a process of creating a bridge of consciousness and connection to the spirit within.  The recognition isn’t enough, it is a conscious identification but remains in the ether and floats within having no way to influence or manifest.  To record these symbols and “coincidences” in some way in the physical, imprints them into this reality and sends a very different signal to the spirit within.  But even that is not enough.  Then we take the information in, incorporate it into the totality of who and what we are, make it our own and then change our behavior and perspective in order to manifest it into our reality.  These messages, in a multitude of different levels can then be applied to our lives and give us a deeper understanding of the journey’s we are on. 

          Symbols, coincidences, visions and/or dreams are just some of the ways that the spirit within gives us hints as to direction and understanding of this life as we know it.  There is always a need for balance between the physical and spiritual aspects of life, and in these times often we put more attention into the physical and miss the intuitive and inspirational messages that spirit is always trying to share with us.  If you record in writing you send a message that in many ways links the spirit to the physical.  It is also very, repeat very important, to remember that however simple you think the message is they are always multileveled.  We need to go deeper into every message for the deeper we go the more profound the message and the greater the awareness that is revealed.  No matter how simple you think the message is there are always deeper meanings if you take the time to work with them.

          The more you work with these messages and symbols the more you learn about yourself and your journey and the greater the richness you bring into your reality.

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