Saturday, November 23, 2019

Spiritual Development Homework # 1

Over the past several decades I have had the honor to work with several spiritual development groups.  We worked on increasing our insight and expanding our insight and enhancing our connection with the spirit within and our connection to the source of all creation.  One of the many tools we used to inspire, enhance and expand our sensitivities was to become more aware of the hidden messages that spirit is always sending to us was to become more sensitive to the messages that are often overlooked or ignored that are ever present in our environment and our realities.  The more observant we become the easier it is to grasp the inspiration and insight that are hidden in plane sight all around us.  Because everyone is coming from a different frame of reference and perspective everyone will get a message that is appropriate for them.  There at spiritual messages everywhere within our realities as the spirit within is ever sending them out to us if we but take the time to listen and observe, to store and remember and then to apply those messages and wisdom's to our lives.

So here's how it works.  Look into the photo above ...take your time and flow into it ... and wait until inspiration starts to flow.  For some it will be easy for others there will be observation of the physical aspects which you acknowledge and let go of ... Find a message and record it in the comment section of this blog.  Do the exercise as often as you like.

Each Monday there will be a new picture for you to find wisdom and insight in.  The deeper you go the greater the message.  Please remember to share because that's part of the exercise ...if you don't write down inspiration you tend to commit it to the ether and so it dissipates and you forget it,

If you would like to be part of the group and be notified when each picture is posted just email me and ask to be included ... it is really very interesting to see how different inspiration manifests in individuals.

What I get from the photo - 
The seeds of thought and inspiration gather together awaiting for the breath of Creation to scatter them throughout eternity.  They will float upon the energies until drawn in by the call of humanity to be planted and nurtured.  By love and compassion do they grow and flourish until they mature and create seeds of their own to be scatted as well to evolve into the future for the benefit of mankind.


  1. We gain our full presence in this world by being grounded to the physical, present in our power(or truth), while interacting with spirit. Our true north or our truth is a co-creation within our body, mind & spirit; ever-present, ever-evolving, ever-interacting with the world around us.

  2. Beauty
    Beauty surrounds us. It is everywhere. But we often don't take time to notice. Beauty can be found in the most unusual places and can affect us positively if we let ourselves be aware.
    Of course, we all can readily name the obvious beauty around us...the blue skies, the new fallen snow, the spring flowers, Christmas lights and the list goes on. But do we notice the beauty in the small less obvious things? Usually not. We become so involved with our days needs and activities that we miss so much of the beauty around us.
    It is sad that we miss all the little things. We could find peace and calm, beauty and joy in so many of the beautiful things that surround us. It would help us get through the hardships that face us...even the hard ones that we think we can not handle. We need to slow our busy days and take the time to notice the beauty in the little things, the things that surround us with beauty.
    So I will make an effort to see, to notice the beauty around me. I will find the joy and peace that can be found and I will allow that joy and peace help me through each day.